AIIMS Re-Opening of Facility for Generation of Code & Final Registration MBBS-2019 Entrance

Notification Date: 2019-02-22
Last Updated on: 2019-03-22

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, (AIIMS), New Delhi in the interest of candidates has decided to give Final opportunity for applicants who have completed their Basic Registration but have not generated unique code and completed Final Registration within the stipulated time despite earlier opportunities. The facility for Generation of Code and Final Registration will re-open from19th March 2019 to 25th March, 2019 (up to 05:00 PM). The unique code is required for completing Final Registration Process. Applicants and their Parents and Guardians may please note that no further extension will be available since various pre-examination activities have to be completed after cessation of the Registration Process.

Accordingly, the revised schedule will be as follows:

ParticularsEarlier DateRevised Date
Generation of Code (only by those who have completed Basic Registration)29.01.2019 to 17.02.2019
23.02.2019 to 12.03.2019
19.03.2019 to 25.03.2019 (5:00 P.M)
Final Registration (Payment of fees and city choice) only by those who have Generated Unique Code for payment & city choice21.02.2019 to 12.03.201919.03.2019 to 25.03.2019 (5:00 P.M.) (Only for those candidates who will Generate their Registration Unique Code)

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